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Posted: 17 May 2010 in SecurityProducts, Tools
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Spyware Terminator ( http://www.spywareterminator.com/ )

Scanning :

  • On demand Fast Scan – scans only critical areas of your system, allowing you to quickly assess your computer’s health
  • On demand Full Scan – scans all areas of your system, thoroughly scanning every file on your hard drive and encompassing everything performed during a fast scan.
  • On demand Virus and Spyware Scan – using the optional ClamAV component, this scan offers everything performed during a Full Scan plus checks all files against the ClamAV database of threats.
  • On demand Customized Scan – gives the user the ability to customize how a spyware scan is performed, including the ability to store up to five different custom scan profiles.
  • Scheduled Scan – provides the user with the ability to schedule spyware scans on a daily or weekly basis.
  • System Report – When the scan is finished, detailed scan information is reported about the state of system. This information can be copied into a text editor or posted to any of your preferred security forums on the internet.
  • Context menu scan option – The integrated entry in the right-click context menu allows for scanning of any file or folder you are currently viewing in Windows Explorer. Just right-click the file or folder and click “Scan with Spyware Terminator”.

Cleaning :

  • Effective Removal – removes threats effectively using the Spyware Terminator removal engine
  • On Boot Remover – removes locked files when the operating system reboots
  • Quarantine – allows for suppression of potentially harmful items, without full deletion, in special storage. If the item is found to be safe, restoration of the item to its original state is possible

Real-time Protection :

  • Real-time Shields – 10 specialized shields constantly guard your system and ensure that threats are intercepted and disabled before they are installed, helping to prevent potential security breaches.
  • ClamAV Integration – optional integration of the ClamAV real-time shields provides active protection against over 100,000 threats identified by the ClamAV team.
  • HIPS – Host Intrusion Prevention System, or HIPS, protects a computer from execution of undefined threats that can infiltrate your system through any of a host of security holes.
  • Predefined Profiles – allows for a quickly configuration of Real-time Protection depending on user expertise.

Powerful Functions :

  • Computer Restoration – allows for restoration of Windows to a state of an earlier time with the help of Window System Restore.
  • Browser Restoration – allows for restoration of the user’s preferred Internet browser’s settings to their default values.
  • File Analysis – allows users to send an unknown file (which may be a threat) to our analysis team for deep analysis. Our experts analyze these files and, if determined to be a threat, add them to our database of threat signatures.
  • Locked File Removal – allows for removal of files locked by the system that cannot be removed using standard methods.

The Clam AV is not the cloud version

  1. iulia says:

    cat de bun e ca pe asta nu l-am testat niciodata

  2. Cătălin says:

    @iulia Daca ai experienta si sti cate ceva despre PC este foarte bun l-am folosit o vreme

  3. iulia says:

    dar optiunea av nu prea este buna am auzit

  4. iulia says:

    ai avut si optiunea av?

  5. Cătălin says:

    Da am avut (si mi-a placut asa) + ca acuma o sa implementeze noul Clam AV (cel cloud) si atunci o sa fie foarte bun pentru ca tot ce faci o sa fie analizat de AV si daca gaseste un Malware si tu ai dat din greseala Allow tot o sa fie analizat de AV si sters sau daca iti dai tu seama ca este malware il adaugi in lista fisierelor nesigure

    Daca ai mai folosit programe de tip HIPS acesta este foarte usor de folosit , eu cand l-am folosit nu a fost implementat “Game Mode”

    Multe programe de aici necesita cunostinte avansate

  6. Alin says:

    si mie imi place spyware terminator mai ales ca daca sunt infectat dau rebuild hips si asa reusesc sa blochez virusi

    PS : de cand clam av este cloud

  7. Cătălin says:

    Clam AV este cloud de vreo 2 / 3 luni (Parteneriat cu Immunet Protect)

    Clam AV acum are Real Time Protection si poate fi instalat pe langa orice alt av (EX: Avira,AVG …)

    Eu am renuntal la Spyware Terminator pentru Comodo Internet Security (ce nu las da pentru nimic)

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